The Busy Catholic Blog — Staff Picks Sept. 7, 2017

St. Paul's Hospital makes a medical breakthrough

By Agnieszka Krawczynski

Medical biochemist Dr. Andre Mattman (left) Division Head of Clinical Chemistry Dr. Dan Holmes, clinical chemist Dr. Mari DeMarco, assay development scientist Grace van der Gugten, rheumatologist Dr. Mollie Carruthers, and hematologist Dr. Luke Chen. (Photo:

VANCOUVER—A new test has been discovered to better diagnose a rare disease thanks to a team at St. Paul's Hospital. The disease, called IgG4-RD, is an autoimmune or allergic disorder that can be misdiagnosed as cancer of the lungs or pancreas.

"It's gratifying that we worked as a team, solved this problem, and contributed these findings to global knowledge about this disease."
Dr. Andre Mattman

More on their findings about this "mysterious" disease here.