The B.C. Catholic is a weekly publication serving the needs of the Catholic community in British Columbia. It is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

The B.C. Catholic exists to spread the Good News of the Gospel to the people of the Archdiocese of Vancouver and beyond—to enlighten, inform, and encourage all people.

There are 48 regular issues printed each year. The paper covers international, national, and local news of particular interest to Catholics. It also contains editorials, features, opinion pieces, letters, movie and book reviews, articles on saints and the liturgy, announcements, classifieds, and more.

The first issue of The B.C. Catholic, Aug. 5, 1931.

Our history

The B.C. Catholic was established in 1931 by Archbishop William Mark Duke (1879–1971) and published its first issue Saturday, August 15, 1931. Billed as “The Official Organ of the Archdiocese of Vancouver,” a copy sold for 5 cents.

Before The B.C. Catholic existed, various publications served the needs of British Columbia Catholics, including:

The Month (January 1892 to circa 1916)
The B.C. Western Catholic (1909 to 1919)
The Bulletin (June 13, 1924 to 1931)

The B.C. Catholic was one of the first Catholic newspapers in North America to offer stories online in 1998. The paper delivered the first electronic edition of any Catholic newspaper in North America when it first began to email its e-edition in 2001. The paper launched an updated digital edition in 2013, available at

The Month (1892)

The B.C. Western Catholic (1912)

The Bulletin (1929)

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