B.C. Catholic Staff

Hospital parking; pray for RBG

Voices July 5, 2018

Hospital parking should be free with patients given emergency passes to exempt them from paying, says a letter writer. (B.C. Catholic photo)

Many patients arrive at the hospital, including Catholic hospitals, and end up paying for parking which starts at $4.25 per hour. They go into the hospital waiting room and may end up waiting for hours. The parking time they’ve paid for can expire before they even see a nurse or doctor.

Having to leave the waiting room, knowing your name could be called any minute, just to renew your parking is one thing patients should not have to worry about. Thousands of patients, often in states of emergency, end up paying ridiculous amounts of money for parking while trying to access health care.

Hospital parking should be free, but with some sort of system with patients given emergency passes to exempt them from paying parking contractors profiting off health care facilities.

Harneet Hehar


I was saddened to read the June 11 movie review, “Disagree with RBG’s politics, but enjoy the film.”

How can I as a believer enjoy a film about a woman in her mid-80s who was instrumental in the process of legalizing the murder of millions of babies in the wombs of their mothers in the U.S. and still does not believe in repenting and asking God and the public for forgiveness.

All her positive works are blackened by that one evil decision inspired by the devil, and it shows how cunningly the devil works in people.

Alan Charlton calls her “a person of integrity, true to her principles” and the film “a positive portrait of a woman of honour.” It proves how people’s conscience can be damaged or deadened. Please pray for her, that she repents.

W. (Trudy) Hombrebueno