Re “Young people tell Church: give us a chance!” (B.C. Catholic, April 1):

Young people, you are right to want to be involved with the parish and have a part in it. The Church needs you.

As a 30-something with a busy family, I can tell you that you are blessed with some things you may not even realize you have: Time. Flexibility. Leadership.

There are many things single people/young people who do not yet have children are able to do that many of us yearn to do but aren’t able to right now. A sample of things you would excel at:

·        Leading a Bible study/Alpha course
·        Parish RCIA
·        Agape Street ministry
·        Prison ministry
·        Sitting with a family/parent who brings small children to Mass (this is HUGE)
·        Children’s liturgy
·        Young Adults group
·        Women’s/Men’s group
·        Liturgical music
·        Meal ministry
·        Teaching PREP

There are so many ways you can be involved in the parish. Instead of waiting for the Church to provide you with a community, jump in and make it yours. If it’s not there, start it. You have so much to offer.

Mary Wagner

(To find opportunities for volunteering visit the Archdiocese of Vancouver website, the RCAV calendar, or your parish – Editor.)