Re your June 10 review of the Elton John film Rocketman:

What a disgrace that you would allow such a large article to be printed. Is this what takes precedence over all the events happening in the world and more importantly in our Church today? Who needs a picture, and a large one at that, of “Rocketman”?

What was not said in this huge article was that Catholics should not be encouraging or supporting this type of production. What message are Catholics to take from this article, with its headline “Rocketman wrestles his demons, but the demons win”?

The media are constantly promoting that homosexual relationships are ok, but sodomy is sodomy. What is the matter with our Catholic teaching against this tremendous evil in our day? Instead of stating that the film speaks about the necessity of discovering genuine love (for him homosexual love) we should have said this is a man who flaunts homosexuality and vulgarity.

I realize that unfortunately we live in a day when many Catholics will attend this film. Now more than ever, clear speech is the duty of Catholic media in promoting faith and morals.

Margaret Jones

(The article did not celebrate the singer’s lifestyle, and in fact much of David Baird’s review was about “the demons that torment (Elton John’s) soul.) – Editor