Re Peter Vogel’s June 3 article, “Will the world hang up on Huawei?”:

Huawei has certainly spared no expense in making its name a part of our popular consciousness, in both television and print media. It has retained the services of superstar Gal Gadot to act as the face of the company (shame on you, Gal Gadot). It is very necessary for us to have some understanding of what this company is all about.

Ever since Huawei was founded in 1987, the company had had a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee within its ranks. It’s been reported that as early as 2007 the committee had under its umbrella more than 300 Communist Party subsidiaries, with more than 12,000 party members.

Huawei’s founder and president Ren Zhangfei is a member of the CCP. He served in the Chinese army as an infrastructure engineer and carries the rank of an army officer.

According to the party’s philosophy of “Party leading everything,” Huawei’s ultimate head is not Ren Zhangfei, but the Secretary of Party Committee within the company. Ren has no choice but to do the bidding of every order that comes from the party.

Huawei is entirely a CCP-controlled enterprise that works against our society’s core values. Leaders of our government would, I hope, cut any ties with this most dangerous entity in order to protect our own interests and security.

Let this also be another warning to those in the Vatican who promote a rapprochement with the Chinese government.

If you are thinking about buying that fancy Huawei phone that takes beautiful photographs, think twice. To answer Peter Vogel’s question: I certainly hope that the world would hang up on Huawei, sooner rather than later.

 Patrick May