It 1901, the first year in school for Blessed Laura Vicuña at the Salesian school in Junin, Argentina, and Laura received prizes for conduct as well as for hard work and application. 

After the awards ceremony, students were to return to their homes. Laura returned to the ranch at Quilquihué, where her mother, Mercedes and Manuel Mora, although not married with each other, lived as a married couple.

Laura did not like it there, for she sensed the moral danger present and felt sad that her mother was living in sin. She would seek refuge in prayer as often as she could.

When it was time to return to the boarding school, Laura jumped for joy and said, “I am going back to my favourite place!”

The Religious Superior at the school sensed that Laura had secret sadness in her heart. In order to comfort her, the Superior let Laura and two companions be admitted to receiving First Holy Communion. When the Superior told Laura the good news, Laura remained speechless. She immediately thought about Quilquihué and her mother and broke into sobs.

The Sister asked, “Crying, Laura? Are you not happy?”

Laura answered, “O yes, I am happy, I am thinking of my mother, my poor mother.”

Laura’s confessor, Father Augusto Crestanello, SDB, observed: “She had always been obedient and submissive, affable and humble, but after that day one noted a greater perfection in her actions.”

Laura loved going to confession frequently. When her sister poked fun at her for her frequent confessions she replied, “Afterwards I feel stronger against temptation, and everything becomes easier.”

Laura received first Holy Communion on June 2. Her mother, Mercedes, arrived the day before. When Laura was told that her mother was in the parlour, she ran and threw her arms around her saying, “Mother! Tomorrow I will be making my first Holy Communion. Forgive the displeasures I have given you. If in the past I have been naughty, from now on I want to be your consolation. I will pray for you.” Then she began to cry.

Laura made the following resolutions for her first Holy Communion:

1. O my God, I want to love and serve you all my life, so I give you my heart and my soul, my whole being.

2. I want to die rather than offend you by sin, so I intend to mortify myself in all that might take me away from you.

3. I propose to do all I can that you may be known and loved, and to repair the offences which you receive each day, especially from the members of my own family.

4. My God, give me a life of love, of mortification, of sacrifice!

Francesca Mendoza, a young lady who had joined the Sisters, testified under oath that observing Laura as she came back to her kneeler after Communion, she noticed a crown of three stars on her head.

Laura lived at the boarding school with a spirit of prayer and sacrifice. The Superior of the school observed: “No one could ever accuse Laura of consciously breaking the rule. Everyone noticed her constant effort to grow in perfection.”

One time, Laura’s friend, Merceditas, was upset that Laura was being humiliated by another student. But Laura said, “Didn’t they dress Jesus up as a fool? Why shouldn’t I accept a little humiliation, being so naughty?”

Laura and Merceditas were given beetroot to eat three times a week. Neither of them liked the food, and their friends offered to eat their share. However, Laura said, “No, our obedience must be perfect. Jesus suffered so much for us on the Cross!”










  1. 噢,我的天主!我要終生愛祢、侍奉祢;我把我心、我靈、我的整個,奉獻給祢。
  2. 我寧願死,也不願意犯罪得罪祢。為此,在一切可能使我遠離祢的事上我要克制自己。
  3. 我要盡我所能去使人認識和愛慕祢,並賠補祢每日遭受到的冒犯 ── 特別是來自我家庭的成員。
  4. 我的天主,請賜給我富於仁愛、克苦和犧牲的生命!