One of the most fascinating facts in the life of St. Gemma Galgani was her friendship with her Guardian Angel.

Gemma saw her Guardian Angel with her eyes and touched him with her hand as if he were a being of this world. She talked with him as one friend would with another. She said, “Jesus has not left me alone; He makes my Guardian Angel stay with me always.”

Sometimes the Guardian Angel appeared to Gemma during times of prayer. He would let her see him raised in the air with outspread wings and his hands extended over her, or joined in an attitude of prayer. At times, the angel would kneel beside Gemma and recite prayers with her.

During meditations, the angel inspired Gemma with sublime ideas and moved her affections. The subject of these meditations was mainly the Passion of Christ. He would say, “Look at what Jesus has suffered for men; consider one by one these wounds; it is Love that has opened them all. See how execrable sin is, since to expiate it, so much pain and so much love have been necessary.”

She made known to the angel her own wants and those of others. In her sufferings she wished to have him always by her side. Once, after experiencing severe temptations, the angel appeared. Gemma complained to him because she wanted help in such times. Her angel, however, assured her that whether or not she saw him, he would always be above her head.

Another time Gemma was afraid of an attack by the devil. She begged her angel to be with her while she was sleeping. When she went to bed, her angel spread his wings over her. In the morning, he was still there.

One evening, Gemma had remained in church until a late hour without noticing it. The angel came to call her and accompanied her visibly to her home.

Often Gemma asked him to bring messages to God, the Blessed Mother, and her patron saints. Sometimes, she gave the angel letters closed and sealed for them, and those letters would disappear.

During her long illness, Gemma often received consoling words from her Guardian Angel. Once, he said, “If Jesus afflicts you in your body, it is always to purify you in your soul. Be good.”

Occasionally the angel scolded Gemma severely for her faults, and would even say, “I am ashamed of you.” One time, Gemma said, “My Angel is a little severe; but I am glad of it. During the past days he brought me to order as often as three or four times a day.”

The angel also taught Gemma to speak but little, and only when she was spoken to. He reminded Gemma to guard her eyes and told her that eyes that are mortified shall behold the beauties of heaven.

With gratitude, Gemma said “Dear Angel, I so love you!” The Angel asked, “And why?” Gemma said, “Because you teach me to be good, and to keep humble, and to please Jesus.”

One night, Gemma was in bed and absorbed in prayer with deep contrition. She saw the angel standing by her bed. He said, “Jesus loves you greatly; love him greatly in return.”

Then he added: “Art you fond of Jesus’ mother? Salute her very often for she values such attention very much, and unfailingly returns the salutation offered her; and if you do not feel this, know that thus she makes a proof of your unfailing trust.”

He then blessed Gemma and disappeared.








很多時,吉瑪會要求護守天使把訊息帶給天主、聖母及主保聖人;她把寫了信件封了口 ,並託護守天使帶給他們,而那些信件真的不見了。