St. Gemma Galgani had great zeal for the salvation of souls, and Our Lord revealed to Gemma the need to make reparation for sins.

Gemma recalled: “Some days ago I had scarcely received Jesus in Holy Communion when He asked me this question: ‘Tell Me My child do you love Me greatly?’ What could I answer? But my heart answered Him by its throbbing. ‘If you love Me,’ He rejoined, ‘you will do whatever I want of you.’ 

“And then sighing, He exclaimed: ‘What ingratitude and malice there is in the world! Sinners continue pertinaciously to live in crime; weak and heartless souls will not do themselves violence to overcome the flesh; those in tribulation lose courage and despair; indifference keeps increasing daily, and no one amends. I cease not to dispense heavenly graces and favours to all My creatures; life and light to My Church; virtue and strength to him who rules it; wisdom to those who direct souls that are in darkness; constancy and fortitude to those who have to follow Me; graces of every kind to all the just; I send My light into the dark dens of sinners, and even there soften their hearts, doing all I can to convert them. But notwithstanding all that, what do I ever gain? What correspondence do I ever find in My creatures whom I have loved so much? No one any longer cares for My Heart and for My Love. I am forgotten as though I had never loved them and as though I had never suffered for them. My Heart is always in sadness; I am left almost alone in My Churches; if many assemble there it is for other motives than worship and I have to suffer the pain of seeing My House become a theatre of amusement. Many through hypocrisy betray Me by sacrilegious Communions. I can bear no more.’”

Our Lord called Gemma to offer herself as a victim of expiation for the sins of the world, and she responded generously, saying, “You know O Lord, how ready I am to sacrifice myself in everything. I will bear every sort of pain for You. I will give every drop of my blood to please Your Heart and to hinder the outrages of sinners against You.”

Gemma prayed earnestly for sinners. She prayed: “O Jesus, do not abandon poor sinners, think of sinners and of me; I want them all saved.” Sometimes, she would pray for a particular sinner, saying, “That one, I want You, Jesus, to remember particularly, because I want him saved together with me.”

Gemma predicted that the Passionists would establish a monastery at Lucca. When Gemma understood that she would not be able to enter a Passionist monastery, with resignation she predicted: “The Passionists did not wish to receive me; nevertheless, because I wish to stay with them, I shall when I am dead.” Today, the mortal remains of Gemma are enshrined at the Passionist monastery in Lucca.

One day Our Lord said to Gemma, “I have need of a great expiation specially for the sins and sacrileges by which ministers of the sanctuary are offending me.” He added: “If it were not for the Angels who assist at My altar, how many of these should I not strike dead!”

Gemma accepted the call to expiate saying, “Do You not know, O Jesus, that I accept it? Yes, at once, O Jesus; exhaust Thy vengeance on me and be glorified in this Thy miserable creature.”

Hence, in the last months of her life, Gemma suffered greatly both physically and spiritually in reparation for sins. Gemma died April 11, 1903 (Holy Saturday). Her last words were: “Now it is indeed true that nothing more remains to me, Jesus, I recommend my poor soul to Thee … Jesus!”








為了賠補罪人的罪過,吉瑪最後幾個月的生命,精神和肉身都受著很大的痛苦。1903年4月11日的聖週六,吉瑪與世長辭。臨終時吐出幾句話:「現在,真的再沒有任何事留在我了,耶穌,我把可憐的靈魂交託於祢… 耶穌!」