Say what you like about Marvel movies, but those people know how to market.

I am often amazed at the amount of Marvel knowledge my youngest sons have, having neither seen the movies, nor been subject to commercials. But the few moments of trailer scenes they’ve been allowed to watch have captured their imaginations, and older siblings have filled in the rest.

While imperfect in many ways, some of the movies, especially the last, have started conversations on what it means to be “good,” a hero, and the differences between vengeance and moral justice. Yes, those conversations can and should happen with a sword-wielding five-year-old.

Children, in their beautiful, earnest search for heroes, attach themselves to characters they deem worthy. Many debates over the different qualifying virtues of the Avengers crew have become quite impassioned among the siblings of the Roy clan.

Captain America has been a favourite for one son in particular, so when he looked over my shoulder at the picture of him on my laptop, he was confused to see actor Chris Evans with a pro-abortion tweet “slamming” Alabama’s amazing new pro-life bill. How could Captain “We don’t trade lives” America be pro-choice?

His voice is just one of many Hollywood celebrities who ironically believe they should be seen as the world’s moral compasses. What more is there to say other than: abortion actually, physically and really, kills another human?

Shouldn’t that be an end to any debate in a sane civilization? Regardless, it again led to a worthwhile conversation about making false idols, and about the need for critical thinking in a time of sorrowful ignorance. How easily we are led into confusion by words that seem reasonable but are in fact deceptive, meaningless, and manipulative.

I’ve seen pro-choicers, some “Catholic,” who, having nothing left to stand on, make comments like this: “Well, I might be more inclined to a pro-life position if pro-lifers weren’t such hypocrites. They don’t care about the women in need. They are all against immigration and gun laws and (insert popular issue here). Why aren’t they feeding the poor? You only care about one life issue, but forget about the rest.” Etc.

What a clever and wicked diversion. This is where I get hot and bothered, and end up in the confessional, trying to sort out the difference between just and unjust anger.

First, let me say I have no obligation to support or reject any other charitable cause in order to rightfully defend the life of a baby about to be killed. You, pro-choicer, would never dare suggest that you would only be more inclined to sympathize with my cause against child-labour if I also checked off the other boxes on your self-approved list.

If an individual uses their free time to fight gun laws, it in no way changes the truth of what abortion is, and their obligation to try and stop it. With that being said, I often wonder how these sages come up with their all-knowing cognizance. 

Really, pro-lifers are all against immigration? None of them feed the poor, or help women? No one, as of yet, has asked to check my donation receipts, or to look through my calendar of events.

Secondly, to set the record straight, I’d like to come to the defence of hundreds of years’ worth of social justice programs that continue to this day, done by pro-life Christians.

It is pro-life Christians who work the food bank in my neighborhood. Blooms into Rooms, an initiative to give joy to the shut-in elderly, is organized by pro-life Christians. The same people offer food, community, friendship, and support to the Mexican migrant workers in my city. The people with whom I spent two summers building houses in Mexico, and the ones I’ve seen walking the streets offering help to sex-trade workers, are the same ones I see at pro-life demonstrations.

Dr. Robert Walley has spent his life to save women in Kenya, specifically because he’s pro-life. Chalice, Catholic Charities Prison Ministries, the Men’s Hostel, Covenant House ... are these enough?

And how about the glowing fact that the help offered to women in crisis pregnancies (true help doesn’t include the killing of her son or daughter) is done by pro-lifers. And when a woman is suffering from a sad choice made in a moment of real distress, because she was only given one option by the people she was led to, it’s also the pro-lifers who offer comfort, peace and healing.

As good as Captain America may be on-screen, he is a myth. He cannot be a true hero, because there is no Captain America.

But there is one hero I know of, who feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, gives shelter to the vulnerable, and visits the sick and imprisoned.

He is Jesus Christ, and you can be darn sure that his Father is the pro-life God who does not answer to Hollywood actors. He created each and every soul with a purpose, out of his love for them, regardless of our estimations. And he is the hero who gives us hands and feet to work in the defence of the murdered unborn.