I was thrilled to read the July 9 article “Liturgical revival under way.”

I have often heard it said: when we sing we pray twice. Coming from an Irish background, music was part of my education. We sang at school and the nuns brought in a choirmaster who imbued us with the joy and love of being in a choir.

Fast forward to my parish of St Joseph the Worker in Richmond, where I was a member for 25 years. The 11 a.m. Sunday liturgy was so special because of the music ministry.

I have found myself heading to St. Joseph’s on my return visits to the Lower Mainland. Recently I had a prolonged stay in Richmond and I was delighted to experience a parish music ministry like no other. Every weekend liturgy has the most wonderful music that makes the Mass so much more meaningful.

I attended the 9:30 Sunday Mass recently and to my delight and joy found the most amazing gifted musical talent under the direction of Oscar Sy. From angelic voices to strings of violins and guitar and talented drummer Derek Hume at the later Mass, the talented musicians made my Sunday liturgy complete. This happens at St. Joseph’s every Sunday at all Masses! At least you are only a ferry ride away. Please continue your praise. God loves it, and so do many others. 

Kathleen Haverty
Qualicum Beach

Re “Pastors reignite the joy of preaching,” July 30:

Plaudits go to Archbishop Miller for inviting Pastor Darrell Johnston to help our priests.

Many of us who receive a rare five- or seven-minute well-structured homily with a clear message respect and appreciate the effort spent by the homilist. We remember the homily hours later, even days afterwards. 

Pat Cash

Re  Msgr. Lopez-Gallo’s Sept. 17 column, “Trudeau: the apple fell far from the père tree”: 

With all due respect to Msgr. Lopez-Gallo, Pierre Trudeau should not be held up as a model Christian. On May 14, 1969, he legalized abortion in Canada. In 1983 he brought in the Charter of Rights which transferred power from the elected Parliament to nine appointed judges. Five years later, on Jan. 28, 1988, the Supreme Court justices struck down the existing abortion law, effectively allowing abortion right up until birth.

Please be more discerning in the articles you publish.

Kathleen E. Higgins