LANGLEY -- Grade 5 math teacher Jeff Brophy knows how difficult it can be to get 10-year-olds excited about decimals.

That's why, at St. Catherine's Oct. 29, he had his students host "Mr. Brophy's General Store," a place where students could sell handmade items to their parents and friends, show off their arts and crafts skills, and practice a bit of math.

About 50 parents arrived and were given play money to spend on handmade prayer cards, rosaries, necklaces, prayer books, and other items, while their children worked out how to add up their prices and give the right change.

"It's a good way to get students to work together in a unique opportunity," said student Stefano. "Preparing for the store helped strengthen our math skills and it taught us how to interact with adults in a professional way."

Student Shaun added that Mr. Brophy's General Store helped the class "feel proud of ourselves and our accomplishments."