The Catholic chaplain at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital said staff and patients are feeling comforted and inspired after a visit from Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB.

Father Martin Tuyen Nguyen, OP, welcomed the archbishop and gave him a tour around the hospital to anoint patients April 7. Archbishop Miller also celebrated Mass with staff, patients, and families.

"I thank you all for being here to thank, praise and petition the good Lord. I especially wish to express my gratitude to all of you, especially the staff and volunteers, for ensuring that Mt. St. Joseph is a place of compassionate care, that it extends to everyone, regardless of creed or cultural background, the healing hand of Jesus," Archbishop Miller said during the homily.

"We are approaching Holy Week, that week of the year when we recall Jesus’ Passion and Death. It is time of particularly intense emotion. It also reminds us, uncomfortable though the thought may be, that suffering is part of God’s saving plan: that it is by Jesus’ wounds that we are healed. And so, as Lent draws to a close, the Church invites us to unite and join our own sufferings – whether of body, mind or spirit – to those of Jesus, as he made his way to Calvary to die on the Cross for us."

Hospital chaplain Father Martin Nguyen with Archbishop Miller.
Archbishop Miller distributes Communion to staff, patients, and family members at Mass.