VANCOUVER—Retirement didn’t mean closing the curtain on a writing career for 82-year-old Pat Cash.

The author and playwright has just released a revised edition of his latest book, Wondrous Life, a dialogue between a grandfather and a grandson about prayer, good and evil, and eternity.

“I'd written a couple of one-act plays and they were produced in Arizona,” said Cash, who entered several playwriting contests in Casa Grande, Ariz. “I started to do a third one, and then it developed into what was essentially this book, a dialogue between a young person and his grandfather.”

Wondrous Life, the play, was one of five finalists in a playwriting competition in 2016. It was after that competition that he extended the story into a 16-chapter book.

“The grandfather is somebody like myself: Irish background, Catholic,” said Cash, who can be found writing in Casa Grande or South Delta. “He struggles with things. He’s not a theologian.”

He does his best to answer the questions of his inquisitive grandson, who grows up from an elementary school student to an adult and asks increasingly difficult questions.

“When I retired, I needed something to do,” said Cash, who was previously a systems specialist and consulted on IT for the Archdiocese of Vancouver over the years.

He’s written three other books on music, hosting charity golf tournaments, and his memoirs.

“Because I saw how I managed to write these books, I found anybody can do it.” When he's not writing, he's giving presentations to other seniors about how to publish books themselves.

“Anybody can write a book and leave something behind, leave a legacy, write their memoirs, or write stories.” 

Wondrous Life is available online through Amazon, Kindle, and ISSUU.