Twenty-one lay people and clergy in the Archdiocese of Vancouver have gained papal medals for their remarkable service to the Catholic Church this year.

The recipients of the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice and the Benemerenti honours celebrated with Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, and a small number of close family and friends in three separate ceremonies Oct. 9, 16, and 23.

Read more about these recipients and their service here.

Cr0ss Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice

Established by Pope Leo XIII in 1888 for distinguished service to the Church by members of the laity or clergy

  • Vila Nova Carvalho
  • Mark and Barbara Cullen
  • Dianne Doyle
  • Daniel Moric
  • Father José Luis Soria

Benemerenti Medal

Instituted by Pope Gregory XVI in 1832 for great service to the Church by members of the laity or clergy 

  • Rufina Amandiz
  • Jimmy and Liza Arazdon
  • Susan Dvorak
  • Robert and Shirley Gemmell
  • Donal O’Callaghan
  • Dan O’Hara
  • Analyn Perez
  • Stan and Marilyn Pidsadny
  • Neo Regala
  • Evelyn Rigby
  • Evelyn Vollet
  • Dr. Gerry Della Mattia
Archbishop Miller blesses the medals, assisted by Father Pablo Santa Maria. 

Vila Nova Carvalho and wife.

Mark and Barbara Cullen.
Dianne Doyle accepts medal and certificate from Archbishop Miller. The papal honours are shipped from Rome.
Dan Moric and family.
Certificate for Father Jose Soria. He was unable to attend the award ceremony.
Benemerenti medals, awarded to individuals “who have shown lasting and exceptional service to the Catholic Church, family, and community.”
Friends and family help Rufina Amandiz to pin on her medal.
Liza and Jimmy Arazdon.
Susan Dvorak with family.
Archbishop Miller presents medals to Robert and Shirley Gemmell.
Donal O’Callaghan and family.
Dan O’Hara and family.
Analyn Perez and family.
Stan and Marilyn Pidsadny with their certificates. The pair has been married for over 60 years.
Neo Regala (right) and a family member chat with Archbishop Miller.
A friend accepts Evelyn Rigby’s award on her behalf.
Evelyn Vollet with family and friends.
Dr. Gerry Della Mattia.
Father José Luis Soria, who was unable to attend the award ceremonies, receives his medal from Archbishop Miller on another day.