Archbishop Miller has condemned the Remembrance Day vandalizing of St. Casimir Parish’s daycare building in Vancouver.

Churchgoers Sunday arrived to find “antifa” and “Nazi raus” (German for Nazis out) written on the side of the building at East 27th Avenue and Inverness Street.

In a statement, the Archbishop said the vandalism at the Polish parish “is a disturbing example of hatred, and for whatever reason – political or religious – it is unacceptable in a country that enshrines freedom of speech and religion in its Charter of Rights.

“This disgraceful attack on a children’s daycare occurred on a weekend when we were commemorating the ultimate sacrifice of Canadian men and women to protect the freedoms we have today, and as the Polish people commemorated 100 years of independence. Such violence is deplorable and we urge the Vancouver Police Department to do everything they can to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

In addition to Remembrance Day, Nov. 11 is National Independence Day in Poland, and Sunday marked the 100th anniversary of Poland gaining its independence from the German, Austrian, and Russian empires.

A letter was sent by Pope Francis to the Polish Church to celebrate the occasion.

Vancouver police have met with parish representatives and are investigating the incident.