Catholic Vancouver Jan. 24, 2019

Support the Catholic press

By B.C. Catholic Staff

The B.C. Catholic collection, which takes place Feb. 3, is the only collection that stays within the parish, helping provide subscriptions to parishioners.

Some important dates in Catholic journalism are coming up.

Jan. 24 is the feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of Catholic writers, the Catholic press and journalists. It is also the day when the Pope releases his annual message for the World Communications Day.

One week later marks the start of Catholic Press Month, when we try to remind Catholics of the importance of the Catholic press in their lives. And on Feb. 3, a special Catholic Press collection takes place in all parishes. (If you’re a regular church envelope user, you'll find a special envelope in your envelope set.)

Although it’s known as The B.C. Catholic collection, the money isn't for us. It's for parishes that support us by providing The B.C. Catholic subscriptions to their parishioners.

This is an opportunity for parishioners to thank their parishes for providing them with this award-winning, Catholic newspaper each week. Unlike other collections, the press collection stays within the parish to help them recover as much as 70 per cent of the cost of distributing the paper to parishioners.

Please use the special envelope in your set, and thank you for your generosity.

The first mention of Catholic Press Month in The B.C. Catholic appeared Feb. 10, 1934.

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