Nota Bene Aug. 25, 2017

Solar Eclipse from Port Coquitlam

By Peter Vogel

Andy Winterhoff and Helen Shay view the partial solar eclipse Aug. 21 outside B.C. Catholic columnist Peter Vogel's home. Vogel hosted a "sidewalk astronomy session" to coincide with the eclipse. (Peter Vogel / The B.C. Catholic)
Crescent-shaped images are seen during the eclipse. The crescents were produced by a type of "leaf effect", where the weaker light from the sun caused the leaves to display light as if projected through multiple pinhole cameras. (Peter Vogel / The B.C. Catholic)
Bob and Cathy Jones from Our Lady of the Assumption parish in Port Coquitlam view the eclipse Aug. 21. (Peter Vogel / The B.C. Catholic)
The partial solar eclipse is seen at maximum moon blockage in Port Coquitlam as it's projected onto a piece of cardboard by an 80 mm SkyWatcher telescope. (Peter Vogel / The B.C. Catholic)

The next solar eclipse in the western hemisphere will be visible from Chile and Argentina on July 2, 2019. The next solar eclipse visible from North America will occur in 2023.