Nota Bene Sept. 5, 2018

New superior general for Basilian Fathers

By Agnieszka Ruck

Father Kevin Storey, CSB.

You might say Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, has a new boss.

His congregation, the Basilian Fathers, has just elected a new Superior General in King City, Ont. Now, Father Kevin Storey, CSB, is the new head of the Basilian Curial Office in Toronto.

"I am looking forward to continuing the rich legacy of teaching goodness, discipline, and knowledge to the next generation of parishioners and students," he said in a press release.

Father Storey was born in India and ordained to the priesthood in 1992, at St. Basil's Church in Toronto. He has taught at St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas, since 2004, and been the school's president since 2010. (He will leave the school to pursue his role as Superior General).

"Basilian priests always made the Gospel accessible for me as a student, and now we as a congregation have to imagine how to best preach about Jesus in today's world."

Father Storey replaces Father George T. Smith, who had been the Superior General since 2010.

Father Thomas Rosica, CSB, of Salt and Light Television is also a Basilian father.