Father Anthony Ho

Lord spoke to Belgian visionary about world wars

Voices Dec. 6, 2017

Image of Our Lady of Ollignies, a Belgian portrait that on the back bears an act of consecration dictated by Our Lord to Berthe Petit.

Berthe Petit (1870-1943) was a Franciscan tertiary, or lay affiliate, in Belgium who promoted devotion to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Petit reportedly had her first vision of the Virgin Mary at age four. During her youth she reported a vision of the Infant Jesus coming toward her and saying "You will always suffer, but I will be with you."

At the age of 10, after her First Communion, she told her teacher, a nun, "I must suffer a great deal, I must be like Jesus." The nun asked: "who told you that?" The child replied: "the little Host which is my wonderful Jesus."

Petit's life was marked by physical and spiritual suffering. She was a delicate child and suffered many illnesses. She was close to death a number of times and received the anointing of the sick seven times. But by far the worst suffering Petit endured was spiritual suffering. She was continually beset by diabolical persecution. Her soul was tormented night and day by great fears, doubts, and perplexities. In the midst of suffering, Petit maintained a countenance of cheerfulness and sweetness with caring for others.

Petit desired to become a Sister of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. However, during her youth, her father suffered great financial loss and she was obliged to work to help support her family. She offered her disappointment as a sacrifice for the sanctification of a priest of God's choice. God graciously accepted her offering. And it was made known to her that she would one day meet the priest she had sacrificed and suffered for. This priest turned out to be Louis Decorsant, whom she would met in 1908 in Lourdes.

Petit became a Franciscan tertiary, taking the name Mary Magdalene of the Cross. She was a wonderful cook, but from the age of 38 she lived only on Holy Communion. At one point, when she was staying in a convent, a nun who shared her room was instructed by her superiors to observe if Petit took any food in secret. After a year of observation, the nun found that Petit really ate nothing, only drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and a small glass of wine in the afternoon.

During a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Anne, in Alsace, it was revealed to Petit that her greatest mission was to obtain the Consecration of the World to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

At the beginning of the First World War, Our Lord told Petit, "The worst calamities which I had predicted are unleashed. The time is now ripe and I wish mankind to turn to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of My Mother.”

He said the devotion to his mother “will restore faith and hope to broken hearts and to ruined families; it will help to repair the destruction; it will sweeten sorrow. It will be a new strength for my Church, bringing souls, not only to confidence in my heart, but also to abandonment to the Sorrowful Heart of My Mother."

In 1916, due to the influence of Petit, Cardinal Desiré Mercier of Mechelen-Brussel consecrated his diocese and Belgium to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Cardinal Francis Alphonsus Bourne, Archbishop of Westminster, mandated the devotion in his diocese and consecrated England to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

After the First World War, the Holy See was excluded from the Palace Peace Conference, which produced the Treaty of Versailles. Pope Benedict XV disapproved of the treaty, which he found “vengeful.”

Our Lord told Petit, "Time will prove that a peace established without me and without him who speaks in my name (Pope Benedict) has no stability ... Because this peace is not mine, wars will be rekindled on every side – civil war and racial war ... It will show that nothing subsists without me and that I remain the sole master of the destinies of nations."








第一次世界大戰爆發之初,吾主告知貝迪:「我預言的最大災害已釋出。時候已成熟,我願意人類轉向我母親的痛苦及無玷聖心..... 這對我母親的痛苦及無玷聖心的敬禮會為破碎的心靈和家庭恢復信仰和希望:它將重建被破壞的:它在哀傷注入甘飴。它將是我教會的新力量,不但帶領靈魂信賴我心,但也交託於我母親的痛苦之心。」


第一次世界大戰結束後,列強把宗座從「宮廷和平會議」拒諸門外,簽定了「梵爾賽條約」,教宗本篤十五世不認同這條約。吾主向貝迪道:「時間會證明,這沒有我和我代言人而制定的和平是不會穩定的 … 因為這和平不是我的,戰火將會在各方重燃-----內戰和種族戰爭...… 它將會顯示沒有我什麼也不能存續,並且我繼續是諸國命運的唯一主宰。」