Father Anthony Ho

'Little Rose' suffered patiently 

Voices Jan. 3, 2018

Marie Rose Ferron (also known as Little Rose) experienced various types of stigmata on her body.   

Marie Rose Ferron (1902-1936), who I first wrote about Dec. 19, was a victim soul who offered her sickness and suffering for the salvation of souls. To those who asked her about suffering, Rose gave the following spiritual recipe: "Grind up all your sufferings in the mill of patience and silence; mix them with the balsam of the Passion of the Savior; make them into a small pill, and the fire of charity will digest it."

Rose suffered physically: she was paralyzed and was in great pain. She also suffered spiritually, experiencing the dark night of the soul and many humiliations. Rose treated those who spoke ill of her with kindness. One time Rose said to her sister, "Jesus was dragged through the streets and the mud, and I wouldn't want to be treated better than my master."

Someone once said to Rose, "It was a wonder her Jesus allowed her to suffer so much seeing she loved him so deeply." Rose answered, "The caresses of heaven are not like those of earth." Rose dedicated herself to make reparation for sinners and she was deeply devoted to the Holy Eucharist and to the Passion of Christ.   

One time a wealthy man came to visit Rose. On seeing her lying in bed he was moved to tears and said, "Oh, you poor little girl; you're so sick!" Though Rose had never met the man before, she said, "Don't cry for me ... You're sicker than I am. You've been away from Jesus for 35 years." When the man heard these words he cried even more. He was converted and became a daily communicant who made the Stations of the Cross every day.

Rose's mother had 15 children and she dedicated them to the 15 mysteries of the Rosary. One day, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Rose and showed her a scroll. On this scroll the 15 mysteries of the Rosary appeared with the names of each of the Ferron children beside one of the mysteries. Rose was the tenth child and she was dedicated to the Crucifixion and death of Jesus.

When Rose was 22, she became extremely ill from eating a piece of fresh bread. From then on, she took no solid food.  She was able to take some liquids and at times a broth that her mother prepared. Although she always felt hunger and thirst, Rose could take very little food.

From the end of 1926 to 1931, different types of stigmata were seen on Rose's body: the wounds of the crown of thorns, the wounds of the scourging, the wound on the shoulder, and the wound of the heart. From 1931 on till her death, only the stigmata of the head were visible.

Rose often went into ecstasy. Sometimes during ecstasy, Rose would sing three songs: one to Jesus, one to Our Lady, and another to St. Joseph. Many times while in ecstasy, Rose begged Our Lord to spare others and pile upon her their miseries and pains. If she were in ecstasy and a priest brought Holy Communion, she always revived to receive Jesus. Rose went into ecstasies on Fridays and experienced the Passion of Christ.

In the last week of her life, Rose's suffering was very intense and all she could say over and over again was, "My Jesus, My Jesus." Rose died on May 11, 1936. After the death of Rose, nearly 15,000 people viewed her remains and signed the register. Over 4,000 people attended the funeral Mass.  

Her act of immolation found on her person read in part: "I offer myself as a victim, a holocaust that I may live in constant charity, begging Thee, O my Jesus, to consume me without ceasing, that I may become a martyr of Thy love."





有一次,一位從未謀面的富人來訪,因看到病榻上苦痛的羅撒而流淚,不禁嘆道:「可憐的小女孩,你病得真厲害!」羅撒對他說:「不要為我哭泣,因為你比我病得更嚴重 ── 你離開耶穌三十五年了!」富人聽罷,大哭,終於悔改,每天領聖體和拜苦路。