Letters to the Editor

Letter: Abuse crisis is devil’s work

Voices March 7, 2019

Young adults pray at a vigil in Minnesota for survivors of clerical sexual abuse and healing for the Church. What better way to destroy the bond between God and man than to harm and destroy Christ's Church, says a letter writer. (CNS photo)

I am not surprised at the number of former Catholics who have left the Church and reneged on their faith following abuses by some priests and covered up by their superiors. Fortunately, laws and protocols are now in place to prevent these crimes from happening again, and to become a priest there are now requirements that were non-existent before.

Do not doubt that the powers of darkness are behind all these evils, the same ones that tempted Eve, our Lord in the desert, and so many saints throughout history. Satan hates mankind and will do his utmost to destroy the bond we have with God and cemented by the sacred blood of our Lord on the cross.

This is how the devil acquires souls. What better way is there to destroy the bond between the creatures and the divinity than to harm and destroy the Church founded by Jesus Christ, the only institution that stands between humanity and the malevolent forces of hell.

Risking your soul’s salvation is a very heavy price to pay for the disappointment and hurt we are all experiencing at what is happening to our Church these days. Remember that from God’s tribunal, there is no appeal. Your faith is a matter of conviction and not a matter of convenience. The Blessed Virgin in her apparitions advises us to accept with a willing heart the troubles and sufferings God sends us. It is a way of building up merit for the conversion of sinners.

The Lord assured us the gates of hell will not prevail against his Church and he will be with us until the end of the world. Put your trust in God, and not in Satan, who is nobody’s friend.

John Bueno
North Vancouver