Monica Perry

Help wanted: large flock seeks shepherds

Voices April 11, 2018

The Archdiocese of Vancouver is seeking shepherds for a flock in need of leadership. Quitters need not apply, writes Monica Perry. (Kailash Kumar photo,

The Archdiocese of Vancouver is looking for Good Shepherds. Qualified candidates may send their resumes to Father Rodney Nootebos, RCAV Director of Vocations and Seminarians at [email protected]

Responsibilities include:

Calling each of your sheep by name: The qualified candidate will know each of his sheep individually, better, in fact, than they know themselves. His call and the sound of his voice will resound within each sheep as something familiar.

Leading your sheep out, and going before them: The qualified candidate will not allow his sheep to remain where they are, but will lead them out along the right path. His sheep will know this path primarily by marking the candidate’s footsteps.

Protecting your sheep from the wolf: The qualified candidate will not run away when he sees the wolf coming, but will stand his ground so that his sheep will not be scattered.

Comforting your sheep: The qualified candidate will comfort his sheep by means of his rod (Scripture) and staff (the sacraments).

Finding the sheep who are lost: The qualified candidate will leave his 99 sheep in the wilderness and go after the one sheep that is lost until he finds it. Quitters need not apply.

Bringing in the sheep that are not of his fold: The qualified candidate will consider the sheep who are not of his fold to be his own sheep.

Laying down one’s life for one’s sheep: The qualified candidate will expect to spend himself entirely for his sheep. He will not call one minute of his time his own.

Leading your sheep to green pastures, beside still waters: The qualified candidate will provide his sheep with the life-giving food and drink they need to flourish. His sheep will want for nothing.

Living in hope of the day in which there will be “one flock, one shepherd”: While performing the above responsibilities, and leading his flock through the darkest valley, the qualified candidate will be joyful.