Catholic Vancouver Jul 13, 2017

B.C. Catholic launches redesign of newspaper & website

By B.C. Catholic Staff

A screenshot of The B.C. Catholic print edition in the editing process.

The B.C. Catholic is renewing itself once again.

The newspaper has undergone numerous redesigns over its 86-year history, both large and small, including one just part-way through its first year, in 1931.

This latest change was driven wholly by our new website. When we decided to launch a new online home for The B.C. Catholic, one that was mobile and tablet friendly, we also decided to re-work the newspaper to give it a more modern, yet classic, feel — and we wanted them both tied together in a distinct way.

We think we’ve accomplished that.

Our new B.C. Catholic nameplate (shown above on both the webpage and the photo illustrating the newspaper's new look) is the same for both our website and print publication.

You'll also find the new site more user friendly, while the print edition of the newspaper features a modified look in its headlines, pullquotes, picture styles, columnist logos, and story boxes that will make it easier to read and navigate.

Please let us know what you think of our new website and our redesigned paper. We welcome all feedback via email, [email protected], or via regular post.

The B.C. Catholic is loyal to the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church and remains committed to providing a space and a voice for Catholics through Catholic journalism. Our efforts represent Archbishop Miller's commitment to Catholic journalism at a time when journalism faces revolutionary changes and challenges.

Thank you for supporting the newspaper in print and online!